Physical properties of silica fume

Because of the unique physical properties of silica fume, it was used initially for cement replacement, along with water-reducing admixtures. With the application of high-range water-reducing admixtures(Usually called superplasticizers), Can reflect the higher performance of silica fume, the application range has been expanded. At present, the most important reason for its use is the production of HPC (high-performance concrete), [...]

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When silica fume is added to concrete.

Adding silica fume to concrete will have two important functions, first chemical reaction (pozzolanic reactions), followed by filler effects. Chemical reaction After Portland cement and water from the mix begin responding with every other (hydrating), primary chemical reactions create two chemical compounds: Zinc Silicate Hydrate (CSH), that is the power producing crystallization, and Calcium Hydroxide (CH), a [...]

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Dry densified silica fume is by far the most common

Dry densified silica fume is by far the most common form of silica fume used in current concrete practice; the alternative, slurried silica fume has become unavailable in many places. Densified silica fume as commonly supplied consists of particles of sizes up to several millimeters, which are generally not dispersable into individual silica fume spheres. Densified silica fumes from some [...]

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what is undensified micro-silica fume?

Silica fume is divided into undensified and densified. In fact, their chemical composition is exactly the same, but there are some differences in physical form. We need to understand the production process of silica fume, which is mainly composed of quartz stone, coke, and other materials. It is smelted by a 2000 Celsius high-temperature electric arc furnace and finally [...]

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what is densified micro-silica fume?

Micro-silica fume has historically been available in three fundamental product forms: undensified, slurried, and densified.Densified silica fume is created by treating undensified silica fume to grow the mass density up to a max of about 400 to 720 kg/m3. This increase in mass density is usually accomplished by tumbling the silica-fume particles in a silo, which induces surface charges [...]

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Silica fume particle sizes and real dispersion in concrete.

Dry densified silica fume is undoubtedly the most frequent type of silica fume used in present concrete clinic; the choice, slurried silica fume is now inaccessible in several areas. Densified noodle fumes from some resources could be dispersed by mild treatment into little chains or clusters of spheres; many others withstand such therapy and largely stay as large agglomerates. [...]

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