Micro-silica fume has historically been available in three fundamental product forms: undensified, slurried, and densified.Densified silica fume is created by treating undensified silica fume to grow the mass density up to a max of about 400 to 720 kg/m3. This increase in mass density is usually accomplished by tumbling the silica-fume particles in a silo, which induces surface charges to accumulate. These charges draw the particles together to form feeble agglomerates.

Product characteristics of densified micro-silica fume.

1. Bulk transportation is economical

The volume and weight of the encrypted micro-silica fume is more conducive to long-distance transportation. If the undensified micro-silica fume is used, it will take up a lot of volume and increase the transportation cost. Therefore, the use of encrypted micro-silica fume is now a common way, and transportation will be more Efficiency, and the cost will be much lower than undensified.

2. Reversible agglomeration process.

Densified silica fume works very well in concrete. However, one caution when working with this product form is to be certain that the mixing is sufficient to split up the particle agglomerations. Mixing in some varieties of mixers such as those which are employed in dry mix shotcrete, roof tiles, or other programs where rough aggregate isn’t present might not be sufficient to split up the agglomerations. In those scenarios, an undensified silica fume might be more appropriate. Contact the Silica Fume suppliers for help in these types of applications.

3. Environmentally friendly 

The process of encrypting micro silicon fume is more environmentally friendly. When the micro-silica fume is not densified, it will cause environmental pollution during use, especially in the case of wind. Even in indoor environments, excessive dust can cause dust explosions to affect construction safety.

4. Product bulk density can be controlled for handling conditions and applications

The density of products can be controlled as required. The values between 400 to 720kg/m3 can be arbitrarily selected. Silica fume with different densities can be applied to different requirements.

5. Flows well pneumatically

Densified micro-silica fume is more conducive to storage, and the enhanced fluidity between the micro-silica particles can make it more smoothly stored in some containers, and can be more conveniently taken out when needed. In bulk, the densified silica fume may be stored and dispensed like any other cementitious material in a concrete plant.

According to the latest silica fume concrete seminar report in 2018, more than 90% of China’s microsilica fume suppliers are densified micro-silica fume.

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