A few amazing silicon materials, what are their uses?

A few amazing silicon materials, what are their uses? This article focuses on several materials related to silicon materials, which are very similar in shape, color and application. They have the same points and different places compared to silica fume. So in some cases you need to know how to distinguish them, even though they are similar. [...]

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How does silica fume change cement slurry, mortar and concrete.

This article examines how silica fume changes the properties of paste, mortar, and concrete. The effects of silica fume are attributed to physical and chemical mechanisms, both of which are described. Because the results of both the physical and chemical mechanisms are seen in modifications to the paste microstructure, Additionally, topics that are related to the mechanism of silica fume [...]

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Why use Densified silica fume? What is it?

Silica fume has historically been available in three fundamental product forms: As-produced, slurried, and Densified. Densified silica fume is created by treating As-produced silica fume to grow the mass density up to a max of about 400 to 720 kg/m3. This increase in mass density is usually accomplished by tumbling the silica-fume particles in a silo, which induces surface charges [...]

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How silica fume concrete is made ?

Silica fume concrete is a mixture of three, components: aggregate, paste and silica fume. The paste is made of cement and water, in which silica fume is added, and finally mixed with aggregates of different sizes. In the form of silica fume concrete, concrete is a mixture of paste, silica fume and aggregate. The paste consists of Portland cement and [...]

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Physical properties of silica fume

Because of the unique physical properties of silica fume, it was used initially for cement replacement, along with water-reducing admixtures. With the application of high-range water-reducing admixtures(Usually called superplasticizers), Can reflect the higher performance of silica fume, the application range has been expanded. At present, the most important reason for its use is the production of HPC (high-performance concrete), [...]

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When silica fume is added to concrete.

Adding silica fume to concrete will have two important functions, first chemical reaction (pozzolanic reactions), followed by filler effects. Chemical reaction After Portland cement and water from the mix begin responding with every other (hydrating), primary chemical reactions create two chemical compounds: Zinc Silicate Hydrate (CSH), that is the power producing crystallization, and Calcium Hydroxide (CH), a [...]

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