How to densify silica fume

Why do we need densified silica fume?

Because densified silica fume can bring us the following benefits.

First, the volume of silica fume reduced under the same mass. The transportation efficiency is improved and the transportation cost is saved.

Second, the encrypted silica fume is a granular ball, making it difficult to adsorb on the inner wall of the storage silo and to flow out of the container smoothly.

Third, product bulk density can be controlled for handing conditions and applications. Can reduce silica fume price.

Fourth, densified silica fume can reduce pollution to the surrounding environment and is more in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly construction materials.

The principle of densified silica fume

Densified silica fume is produced by treating undensified silica fume to increase the bulk density up to a maximum of about 400 to 720 kg/m³. this increase of the bulk density is usually accomplished by tumbling the silica fume particles in a silo, which causes surface charges to build up. these charges draw the particles together to form weak agglomerates.

Compacted silica fume is effective in concrete. However, when using this product, it is important to make sure that enough coarse aggregate is mixed to break down the densified silica fume. Some types of mixtures, such as dry concrete, roofing tiles or other coarse aggregates, may not be sufficient to break down the proper mixtures.

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