Super high-rise building case

The application range of microsilica is very wide. The most common application is in the concrete construction industry. With the continuous development of the construction industry, high-rise buildings are increasingly appearing in people’s sights.

the case study of silica fume concrete

Super high-rise building case

According to incomplete statistics, in 2016, 128 buildings with more than 200 meters in 15 countries in the world, 54 cities have risen to the ground, creating an unprecedented historical record, with a total construction height of 30,301 meters. China has the largest number of completed buildings of 200 meters and above for the ninth consecutive year. In 2016, it accounted for 67% of the total number of completed projects in the world. It is worth mentioning that the Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Financial Center (East Tower) completed in 2016 has become the world’s fifth tallest and second highest super high-rise building in China with 530 meters.
Microsilica is used in super high-rise buildings because of its own characteristics:
First, micro-silica powder can effectively improve the transmission efficiency of super-high-rise pumping concrete. Micro-silica powder has the micro-aggregate effect, which can make cement slurry more compact, reduce bubble generation and maintain pumping pipeline pressure.
Second, it improves the flowability of concrete and promotes the mixing of aggregate and mortar in concrete. Because the diameter of micro-silica particles is less than one micron, it can play a lubricating role and can reduce the friction of the inner wall of the pipe. Reduces the risk of blockage during pumping.
Third, to enhance the early activity of concrete, shorten the concrete solidification time, and provide high concrete strength in the early stage. This has an important impact on areas such as high-rise buildings and water conservancy projects.
Fourth, it can save engineering cost, shorten construction time and reduce equipment input expenditure. Concrete with micro-silica powder can be pumped more than 200 meters in one time, and the project without adding micro-silica powder will increase the expenditure on expenditure.

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