Silica fume is divided into undensified and densified. In fact, their chemical composition is exactly the same, but there are some differences in physical form.
We need to understand the production process of silica fume, which is mainly composed of quartz stone, coke, and other materials. It is smelted by a 2000 Celsius high-temperature electric arc furnace and finally collected as undensified silica fume.

After the micro-silica fume is collected and recovered, the encryption of the encryption tank forms the undensified silica fume or densified silica fume that we usually talk about. Undensified silica fume is generally called “original ash”. This is the initial state of micro-silica fume. It is very light, requires a large storage site, and has a density of 120-220 kg/m3. It is very active and easy to reach. The spread of pollution everywhere, and the cost of shipping is high, so the factory needs to be encrypted. In the process of use, the original ash is also very likely to cause secondary pollution. In terms of performance, the densified silica fume sacrifices the activity of microsilica to some extent.

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